About Us

We find diamonds in the rough of frontier and emerging markets.

We consult, build, manage, grow and acquire niche market companies to create value to society.

Add value to society through job creation, asset improvement, and innovation in providing sustainable food, energy, goods and services to the Pacific-Asian economy.

Positively affect the lives of our team with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Create a lifestyle culture so we benefit the people around us.

Integrity and fair dealing in our business.
Positive contribution to our community.
Good relationships with our family, our team, our suppliers and our customers.
Perseverance in work and our personal lives.
New ideas and perspectives to create opportunity.
Continuous learning and growth.

Part of our objective is to contribute to the communities we live in.

We do this in a variety of ways including contributing to the economic growth of the challenged areas we operate in, improving supply chains, creating and maintaining sustainable jobs, increasing food security, providing sustainable energy alternatives, as well as volunteering our expertise and mentoring the younger generation by coaching them within the context of our experience.