Mekong Delta seeks to enter global value chains via value-added agricultural products

The Mekong Delta needs to develop value-added agricultural products to enter global value chains, officials have said.  With an open economy, Vietnamese-made goods will face strong competition from foreign-made goods.

Le Minh Hoan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, pointed out that application of scientific and technological advances in agricultural production are needed to create more value-added products.

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which came into effect in August this year, has paved the way for increased trade between the EU and Vietnam.

The elimination of tariffs under the EVFTA is expected to benefit key export industries, including agricultural products, but technical barriers to trade are expected to be raised, imposing challenges for Mekong Delta products and services to penetrate the EU market.

Agricultural products from the Mekong region, like shrimp, catfish, dragon fruit and mango, are now exported throughout the US.

The Mekong region has the potential to attract considerably more investment and sustainable growth. It has some of the richest natural renewable energy resources in the world, such as solar and wind.

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