Covid-19 to Help Boost Cambodia’s Agricultural Sector, Hun Sen Says

Prime Minister Hun Sen has touted Cambodia’s “strong” agricultural sector as a solution to economic pressures during the global pandemic.

In a speech at the Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Development Center in Prey Veng province’s Peam Ro district on Tuesday, Hun Sen said the government was preparing to further support the nation’s already strong agriculture industry.

“Cambodia has a strong point, which we have to remember, that we are an agricultural country,” the premier said. “[Covid-19] is not only not hurting [Cambodia] but it also allows us to dominate in the agricultural sector. That is why the government has quickly changed direction to push for [financial support in] the agricultural sector at large.”

The government has recorded 165 cases of Covid-19 since January and reported no deaths linked to coronavirus.

Hun Sen said Cambodians would not starve amid the Covid-19 pandemic because the national economy was not solely reliant on the garment and tourism sectors, which have been heavily affected by global travel restrictions and slumping consumer demand.

The premier also announced that the government would boost aquaculture production, and said that the Rural Development Bank received $500,000 in government funds to support the industry, which would be increased if necessary. Last month, Hun Sen said the government would also invest $100 million in rural irrigation projects to support agriculture and provide short-term work in the provinces.

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